Forbes: Boston’s Mustbin Encrypts, Stores Photos Of Vital Documents

As Mahajan explained in a December 13 interview, “We truly believe our Guides are a key feature. For people like my wife who are super organized, they have a sense of ‘what’ it is they need to record and store. For the vast majority, getting started and knowing what is important to store is hard and we believe Mustbin’s mobile-first approach and guided interface brings it to a level where it is accessible to all.”

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Xconomy: Mustbin looks to Mobilize your Data

The idea is simple: use your phone camera to take pictures of your most important paperwork, store that information in secure cloud-based “bins” that can be shared privately, and access it in the app when you need it. It’s sort of like having a safety deposit box in your phone—and its mobile-first design is key to its chances in a competitive market.

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Joining Mustbin as founding VP Engineering

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be taking up a new role as Vice President of Engineering at one of Boston’s newest startups: Mustbin. I’m incredibly excited and honored to get to work with Brian Shin (Mustbin’s founder and CEO @ Visible Measures) to build something great.

Here’s to new adventures and building a great team and product!