MassTLC names Mustbin as a Finalist for Innovative Technology of the Year

This evening, I attended the MassTLC summer awards gala. After having been recently awarded the 2014 MITX award for Most Innovative Mobile App, I was just blown away that we were named a finalist for the MassTLC awards. There are some truly great folks we’re up against and I honestly believe any one of these companies deserves to win it. Shout out to Openbay, Padiant, Ping4, and SavingStar. Best of luck folks! See you in September!

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My opinion piece on Privacy and UX was picked up by Wired

I wrote an opinion piece on why user privacy is a central component of user experience and should not be treated as separate:

It seems clear to me that privacy should be part of User Experience — they are unified already. But companies don’t think this way. In fact, most people just think of UX as closely related to UI affordances and the simplicity and delight of a product, but it’s so much bigger.

Some thoughts in the piece about how we approach building Mustbin:

From the beginning, we’ve forced ourselves to solve the privacy and security problems while creating a user experience filled with delight. We’re determined to earn our users’ trust by protecting their privacy above everything else.

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VentureFizz: Mustbin – A Digital Safe Haven for What’s Important

A local piece on how Mustbin was started. I built a client-side prototype in 2 weeks. After hiring a few folks, we built functioning prototype, including back-end infrastructure in 2 months. And an an MVP in 4 months. Our team is the definition of Lean and Agile.

The Mustbin team started building the product in January 2013 and had an MVP built within 4 months, which they got into the hands of investors, friends, family, etc.

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TechCrunch Meetup Boston

This was an awesome event. We went armed with what felt like a thousand t-shirts and sunglasses (which were both a HUGE hit). Oh yeah and we captivated the folks that dropped by our booth.